Saturday, April 4, 2009

Friendship and Laughter: Two Special Gifts

Recently I came across this picture of a juried gift show we did back in December.
Being one of the biggest "local" shows in the area, it was a lot of work, and I hesitated doing it at such a busy time of the year. Without my asking, two wonderful friends cleared their schedules, woke up early, and spent the day with me at the show.
They brought snacks and water. They stocked, displayed, sold, and restocked. They kept me grounded and organized (not an easy thing to do!). More important than all of that, though, they kept me, and our customers, laughing. We had a blast, customers were happy, and the show went well.
As I look at the picture, I know this truly was a gift show. But the gifts weren't just the soaps, lotions, and candles that customers took home to wrap. There were two other special gifts that day: the gifts of friendship and laughter from two very special people. Love ya, ladies!

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